Event Branding

Vivir Vilamarín is an initiative created with the intention of revitalizing  rural areas of the Vilamarín city council. By offering countless and diverse  cultural activities (poetry, music, cinema, workshops ...), VV seeks to enrich the links between Contemporaneity and Traditionalism, urban and rural beings, cultured and agricultured lifestyles.

Under these premises, we proposed an idea that needed to respond to three fundamental axes: straightforward readability, simplicity regarding production and an easy adaptation to artisan applications.

A custom industrial typography was used for the project. Its design contains smooth edges and is inspired by the old marking of cattle and burlap sacks. The brand’s primary colour is vibrant, flat, and recognizable by the local coat of arms. Clear and simple hierarchies.

Brand applications are endless thanks to the dynamism and versatility of the compositional system.