civic CENTRE

Public Building

The Quintela de Leirado council hired us to refurbish an abandoned building to transform it into a public and open space to host diverse and time-varying leisure activities.

The pre-existence, an isolated and deteriorated concrete lattice structure, invited to solve the program using a simple piece to collect communications, hid pillars and articulate around it open, flexible and modular ambulatory spaces on both floors. Everything adapted to a tight budget and scale.

In an environment of disordered languages ​​and volumes, we sought a solution that dialogued with the few still existing elements of traditional domestic architecture through constructive and geometric logics and chromatics. The result is a piece composed of two volumes with two gutters and irregular openings that define the identity and character of the project.

1. Multifunctional space 1
2. Storage
3. Toilets
4. Espacio multifuncional 2
5. Events room